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Regular Events

For details of regular events (Mass, Prayer Meetings, reconciliation) please see  the Parish page 


This is a programme of our main retreats for 2019. Further information and additional information will be continually updated.  Other events also be announced on the Latest News page. You are welcome to come at any time for spiritual guidance, to join in the daily routine of the Augustinian Community and to enjoy the peace and prayerfulness of Clare Priory.

Way of  Silence Days

These days are for those who wish to have a time of silence and prayer and are led by our Team who wish to share with you their experience of silent prayer, or meditation as it is also known.  In our busy lives we can lose sight of God and what matters in life.   Sr Teresa of Calcutta says 'God is a friend of silence.  His language is silence.'  Everyone is welcome, whether you are experienced in silent prayer or wish to learn more about this way of praying. Jesus said 'Go to your inner room, and God who is there, will teach you everything.'  Please see the Retreats page for comments shared by those who have attended these days.

Date   Theme

Cost (£)


2019   Way of Silence Days  -  10.30am to 3.00pm  - please bring a snack for lunch - refreshments are provided.  Mass is at 10.00 for those who wish.
January   Commencing 10th January and running until 4th April on Wednesday evenings and repeated on Thursday mornings.  Please follow this link for full details of dates.

CATHOLICISM - An exploration of our faith and practices, including some of the key players.  Beautifully photographed, and presented (on DVD) by Bishop Robert Barron.

  Priory Team
  26 Meditation Day Donation John & Barbara O'Hanlon


Introduction to Mindfulness  9.00am to 5.00pm


Dr Mark Chambers and Jennie Thornton


Mindfulness follow-up day  2.00 to 5.00pm


Dr Mark Chambers and Jennie Thornton


The Way of Silence - " What has silent prayer got to do with the stress of Everyday life?"  Chris has been working for over 35 years in social care and has been interested in how silent prayer can enrich the lives of those in need of care as well as their care-givers, and how it can underpin and support us in every aspect of our daily lives.


Priory Team

 March  16  Day of Renewal - Receiving new strength for our life through praise, prayer and reconciliation.  10.00am until 4.00pm With Holy Mass, Talk, Meditation and individual Blessing.   Lunch and refreshments provided Donation  Fr Stefan Park and Barbara Sierp


The Way of Silence  -  Fr Michael Teader will talk about his experience of using silence as prayer with children.  A day for all adults, parents, teachers, carers, grandparents, newcomers to silent prayer and those experienced in the practice.  We are all children at heart!  Please bring a cup of mug that is special to you.


Priory Team


21 & 22

Icon Interest Day for those working on their own Icon.  An opportunity for advice and to share.


Annette Ashton-Melzack



The Medieval English Anchoress:  "A Night-Fowl in the Church Eaves"  A day for study, meditation and celebration of the remarkable hidden lives and wider spiritual roles of medieval anchoresses.  An exploration using historical research, the written testimonies of women mystics and the 13th Century guide, the "Ancrene Wisse".  In the afternoon, using insights from Mother Julian of Norwich's book of vision, "Revelations of Divine Love", there is a more meditative focus upon the transformative gift of contemplative prayer.




Rev Dr Julie Hopkins





The Healing of Families - Seminar.  Many problems in families, like addiction, heart attacks, constant relationship difficulties, unemployment,  financial problems, suicide, abortion, and certain diseases seem to run down the family line and are occurring again and again.  These personal problems, by their very nature, fester into interpersonal, relational, and primarily familial problems and tend to metastasize through succeeding generations.  During this seminar we will explore the very root of all this and with this knowledge change the course of your and your family's life.  With this better understanding you will learn how to pray effectively and powerfully for those stubborn personal and familial problems.  This seminar is based on "The Healing of Families" by Fr Yozefu B. Ssemakula.  For further information: www.healingoffamilies











Fr Stefan Park and  Barbara Sierp

  16 The Way of Silence  -  Pondering the Word into Silence  Reading scripture, sharing and contemplation the Lectio Divina way. "Sacred Words are like the sun.  They can do for the heart, what light can do for a field."  (St John of the Cross) Donation Priory Team

30-3 May

Spring Reflective Walking & Praying Retreat


Mary Handforth



The Way of Silence  -  "Connections"  Love is the connection of all things.  The day is led by Julie Clayton.  'I have always enjoyed painting but particularly found it therapeutic whilst having chemotherapy.  It became a form of meditation for me and I began to have more insights into the nature of God's presence in suffering.  God's love and care will flow through all possible channels that are open to Him.' Julie will present some of her artwork.


 Priory Team

  16 Healing Prayer Evening        7.00 to 8.30pm Donation Priory Team
  20-26 A workshop/retreat on Icons, under the expert and prayerful guidance of Fr. Richard Cannuli OSA, providing a creative and spiritual experience for those familiar with icons and those discovering this treasured art form for the first time. Gold leaf and pigments will be provided. Participants leave with a finished icon. £495 Fr Richard Cannuli
 June 18  The Way of Silence  - "The beam in your own eye"  Discerning the thoughts and intentions of the heart.  Simon shares how the practice of silent prayer has helped him through the ups and downs on the spiritual journey. Donation Priory Team


'Music for Midsummer'  a programme of light classical music, and songs from the shows.  Presented by The Gainsborough Concert Group.  Directed by Valerie Cockx Boyle.  7.00pm in the Priory Church

Adults £5

Family £10

 July 13-14 Craft Fair    


The Way of Silence  - Prayer and Meditation  -  Relaxation and meditation using Psalms, leading into Healing prayer and a holy blessing.


Priory Team



Individual Guided Retreat (IGR)


Sr Frances Moore



 Adam's Shirt and a Worshipful City.  9.30am to 1.00pm
Images of Body and Soul in the "Shewings" of Morther Julian of Norwich.  A morning for quiet reflection upon the healing and transformations of the person through divine grace.  Through guided mediation upon Julian's visions, with time for sharing and listening to music.




 Rev Dr Julie Hopkins




The Way of Silence:

" Be still and know that I am God"

A day to explore stillness of the whole person.We will look at stillness in resting and in movement. In our practice of silent prayer we will recognise and calm the restlessness of the mind and spirit.

The day will involve simple movements, many of which will be done from the floor. Please bring a mat if you are able."




Chris Hurley

and Priory Team

  27-1 Sept Individual Guided Retreat (IGR) £350 Sr Frances Moore
September 5 Healing Prayer Evening        7.00 to 8.30pm Donation Priory Team

 Change of date

from 17 to19

The Way of  Silence  -  Silent Prayer  -  a daily practice


Priory Team






Autumn Reflective Walking & Praying Retreat.  Come away from your everyday pre-occupations and spend quality time with Creation and Scripture.  Time for praying, walking, artistic expression, sharing, and just 'being', with the Lord.  Each day will have some prayer and gentle walking.  You will need some sturdy shoes or boots, and shower-proof warmer outdoor clothes in case of 'unseasonal' wether.  This is a residential retreat starting on Tuesday afternoon and ending after lunch on Friday.  If you cannot make the full retreat, but would like to 'dip into it', you are welcome to come for a day, Wednesday or Thursday, from 9.00am until 4.00pm.  Refreshments will be provided, but please bring your own lunch.  Payment by donation on the day.  On Wednesday there will be more emphasis on exploring the sights and sounds of Autumn, in reflective walking, and expressing this artistically, and in poetry, and prayer.  Thursday will follow on from this, with more emphasis on wallking, with the Creator or it all.






Mary Handforth




Poetry & Prayer with William Wordsworth, romantic nature poet and mystic.  Can his spirituality open doors for us into the reality that lies within nature and beyond into the unseen world of the spirit?  We will look particularly at his two early poems - Tintern Abbey and the Ode: Intimations of Immortality.  (Texts will be provided).  Refreshments and soup & roll lunch provided.


Sr Angela Morris



Change of date

from 18

to 19

Healing Day  10.30am to 4.00pm  It can seem that our families bear more than their fair share of illness, addictions, relationship breakdown, and general difficulties.  And we personally carry various wounds, coming from a broken world.  In this healing day we cover childhood trauma, problematic family dynamics, the malign influence of the occult, and teach how to pray effecrively into these areas.  The day concludes with a Mass and general healing service.  Refreshments and a soup and roll lunch provided.




Fr Stefan Park OSA



The Way of Silence  -  'Praying Continuously'  This day is a reflection on how we respond to St Paul's words.  We pray whenever we engage with Christ, present in his creation, in his creatures and within outselves.  It's a joy to know that, however busy we are, our lives can be wrapped in prayer.    


 Valerie Quinlivan

 November 11-17 A workshop on painting Icons for beginners or the more experienced.  All a spects of this art will be covered and participants will leave with their own Icon which will be blessed at the end of the workshop.  Gold leaf and pigments will be provided. £495 Annette Ashton-Melzack




Opening times 10:30am -4:00pm

Annette will be available each day to demonstrate icon painting.

During the Way of Silence on the 19th November the exhibition will be set aside for those who are retreat participants.




Annette Ashton-Melzack




The Way of Silence  - 

A talk on iconography will be given by Annette Ashton-Melzack as part of this retreat and will incorporate the exhibition of Annette’s icons.




Priory Team



Open Day of Healing - Please phone 01787 277326 to book a place


Fr Laurence Brassill OSA & Pauline Edwards and Team

** IGRs run from Tuesday morning until after lunch on Sunday.

 For all days where we ask for a donation refreshments will be provided but please bring your own packed lunch

All residential prices include full board and all meals.


Other Events


Craft Fair


On the second Saturday and Sunday of July the grounds of the Priory are given over to a Craft Fair which is usually extremely well received. There is a small charge for admission but there is a wonderful variety of art and crafts on display with a number of exhibitors demonstrating, including lace-making, wool-spinning, metalwork, woodturning, and many more. There are also children's entertainers, refreshments, hot and cold food, and a licensed bar.

Photos from previous events are accessible by visiting the Craft Fair page.

The 2020 Craft Fair is due to be held on the weekend of July 11th/12th. 


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